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The Equinoxes of Spring and Autumn - Shunbun no Hi - 春分の日
The day of the Spring and Autumn are very important in Japan, so they celebrate it throughout the country !
Daifuku - Japanese Dessert - 大福
In this video we try some daifuku other than red bean.
Pet shop in Japan, what if we did not need cages?
We found a pet shop just next door to us by taking a slightly different way to usual. We say hold, and if we go there for a walk?
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Roppongi Hills - 六本木ヒルズ
Roppongi Hills is a nearly 11 hectares shopping complex in the district of Minami, Tokyo!
How to pay less to eat in Japan? (up to 50% off)
You can enjoy discounts up to 50% on bentos and many other items that become out-of-date fairly quickly in Japan.
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Saint Patrick Matsuri in Tokyo (Yoyogi Park) - 聖パトリックの祝日
Come see what the festival of Saint Patrick can give in Tokyo near Yoyogi Park.
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Register at the French Ambassy in Tokyo
When you arrive in Japan, it is advised to enrol in the register of the Consular Office of the Embassy of France (only for long journey lasting more than 6 months)
Administrative - How to fill in the customs declaration at entry in Japan
At the entrance to Japan, you must complete two administrative documents for immigration and customs.