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By Phuong on 2016-03-19 03:13:31
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Upon arrival in Japan, it is advisable to register within the consular department of the Embassy of France (only for long journey lasting more than 6 months).

For this you can either go to the consular department of the Embassy of France in Tokyo or send documents by mail to the consular service you depend.

1. The consular districts of the Embassy of France in Japan

There are 2 French consular districts in Japan :

Map of the 2 districts
  • The Tokyo district : if you live in the departments of Shizuoka , Nagano and Toyama , or departments to the east and north, and the island of Hokkaido . The address is :
    Embassy of France in Japan - Consular department - Office A 4-11-44 Minami-Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-8514

For French who live in Nagano , there is a permanency at pre-determined dates (dates are available on the website of the Embassy of France) . This allows the French in Nagano to do the formalities such as registration in the consular, the demand for a national identity card , withdrawal of passports and filing various records ( wedding , ...). For all other formalities and outside the dates ​​available,you have to contact the relevant consular service, the one in Tokyo.

  • The Kyoto district: if your home is in the southwest part of the island of Honshu ( from the prefectures of Ishikawa , Gifu and Aichi ) , the Shikoku and Kyushu islands and Okinawa Prefecture. The address of the Consulate is: General Consulate of France in Kyoto
    8, Izuminodo-cho Yoshida, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto 606-8301.


2. The documents to apply for registration

You will find below the list of the documents for your application . In Tokyo, you can go directly to the Consular department at the address specified in the previous section, or send your complete application by mail. In contrary, for Kyoto, the application for registration is made only by post.

The list of required documents (all must be in the format A4):

  • The registration form to complete: it is available in PDF on the website of the Embassy of France
  • 2 ID photographs, white background, neutral, bareheaded, Front : One for the form and One for Consular service
  • Copies of your passeport :
    • the first page on which the full number
    • the identity page
    • the page containing the visa (if you do not yet have a long-stay visa , a copy of proof of address, a work contract or a certificate from the employer is required)
  • Copy of your national ID card both sides (if you have one AND / OR a complete copy of birth certificate )
  • If you are married or have children, a copy of your family register
  • If you are under 25 years, a copy of your Certificate of call for Preparation for Defense
  • Proof of residence (only in the absence of residence visa) :
    • For Tokyo : If your long stay visa for Japan has not yet been issued, a copy of work contract or employer's certificate is required
    • For Kyoto : Copy of a recent bill in your name and address or copies of jyuminhyo No. utsushi (issued by the town hall in your neighborhood) + copy of your resident card in Japan (both sides). Importan t: a copy of your visa or your thumbnail re -entry permit , or other, is not sufficient proof of residence. Only your resident card ( Gaikokujin Caado ) issued by the Municipality of your residence prevail
  • If the application is made ​​by mail to Tokyo district : a stamped envelope , labeled with your name and address is necessary.
    For Kyoto : a stamped envelope (120 yen) with your name and address , an A4 width (avoiding the Japanese format) is required.

Once your application is accepted, your consular card will be hand-delivered in the Consulate or sent by mail according to your demand (in person or by post).

It is important to note that registration in the Consulate helps to be identified by the consular services in crisis, through the Embassy security plan , which organizes an islanding of the district. This security plan can not be implemented if the leaders of the island where you reside are not aware of your personal details.

2. The Consular Card

Consular cards are issued only to adults . Minor children are registered at the request of the holder of parental authority. They do not receive consular card . At majority (18 years ), they are detached from the family card and get an individual entry.

  • Validity: it ranges from 6 months to 5 years. Its duration is determined according to the statements made on the application form and validity of the Japanese residence permit.
  • Renewal : two months before the date of expiry of your registration, you will receive at the address known by the consulate, a letter stating the renewal formalities. The registration will be canceled within 6 months from the shipping dates of this mail if you have not applied for renewal.
  • Access to : with the Consular Card , you get a Consular Identification Number (NUMIC) which allows you to open an account on, the Consular remote procedures portal allowing everyone an easy and secure access to manage consular personnel file. That is to say that you can directly view and edit your personal information that were registered in the Consulate Registry.

Here you have all the cards in hand to take the steps regarding registration in the Consulate Register of French outside France

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