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Snoopy's Cakes in Nishiki Market, Kyoto
Tasting of a Dorayaki, a Daifuku and a Manjū from the Snoopy shop in Nishiki Market in Kyoto
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The longest Ice Cream of Japan, in Osaka
A 40-cm-high Ice Cream, Incredible!
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Fukubukuro Ghibli どんぐり
Donguri : The bag filled with Ghibli products at 3000 yen
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Fukubukuro SEGA
Lots of stuffed animals, figurines and SEGA's accessories of any kind easy to win ...
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Universal Studio Japan, Osaka - Attractions
Come to discover the animations directly in the streets of the Universal Studio Japan , the rides attractions but also the shows in the different universes.
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Universal Studio Japan, Osaka - Fun theme Restaurants
Lunch or dinner in the atmosphere and universe of your favorite heroes: Minions, Jurassic Park, Harry Potter ...
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Universal Studio Japan, Osaka - Harry Potter's World
Come dive into Harry Potter's bewitched universe in one of only 3 amusement parks dedicated to the apprentice sorcerer !
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Maidreamin, Maid Cafe in Akihabara Tokyo
One of the most popular themed cafés in Tokyo, the Maid Café where we will share a funny and enjoyable moment!
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