Snoopy's Cakes in Nishiki Market, Kyoto

By Phuong on 2018-04-08 10:14:40
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In Kyoto, in the oldest market of the city (Nishiki Market), we can find a very modern shop. In the middle of the old stalls held by generations of Japanese. A Snoopy shop has recently opened. You can find many derived products from the famous beagle and his entourage. And as in the Japanese habits, who says shop, say theme food products. So we have to set our sights on a Dorayaki (どら焼き), a Daifuku (大福) and a Manjū (饅頭)

These are 3 traditional Japanese pastries that have 2 peculiarities. The first is that on every cake, there is an element reminiscent of the mascot of the shop, Snoopy or the comics. The second is that despite the choice of traditional Japanese delicacy, the choice of ingredients is a little more fancy. First of all, the Doriyaki, which in the Japanese habits, consists of 2 pancakes glued together by a red bean paste Anko (餡子). In our version, this snack with the effigy of the famous dog engraved on the top, seen again and again to be enjoyed by Japanese children, is composed of 2 pancakes but with mung bean paste flavored with Matcha (抹茶) and a few grains of black beans. Then, the very typical Daifuku of Japanese cuisine is a candy usually consisting of a mochi 餅 (ball made by sticky rice flour) stuffed with Anko or cream. In our well-known canine character, the mochi is stuffed with a white chocolate whipped cream and a small piece of dark chocolate on top. Finally, the Manjū that looks like Snoppy's head, is actually a kind of steamed brioche dough with inside Anko's paste.

Japanese theme cakes like Snoopy can be found all over Japan. The 3 pastries that we taste are actually very sweet because traditionally Anko's paste is a fairly sweet paste. On the other hand, it is an experience that is really fun and it emerges that the Daifuku was very well elaborated as well in terms of texture as of amalgam of the flavors. Nishiki Market is a must-see market in Kyoto, so why not go to Snoopy shop? You will not waste your time :)

Usefull information

  To get there with common transportation

From Kyoto Station - Total fare : 260 yens
5 min. - bus N° 5 , 26 ou 101


Entrance Fee : Free

  Map to get there

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Snoopy Cakes Kyoto Nishiki
Snoopy Cakes Kyoto Nishiki
Snoopy Cakes Kyoto Nishiki
Snoopy Cakes Kyoto Nishiki
Snoopy Cakes Kyoto Nishiki
Snoopy Cakes Kyoto Nishiki



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