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Hot water bath Onsen for feet in an unbelivable place ! (Train station)
Experience an onsen for feet where we do not expect it : a train station !
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Sengaku-ji - Temple of 47 ronins at Tokyo - 泉岳寺
Visit of the 47-ronins Temple, Sengaku-ji in Tokyo
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Kanamara Matsuri (Festival of Fertility / Iron Penis) - かなまら祭
The Kanamara Matsuri, a shinto celebration for fertility in Kawasaki.
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Bokutei Sakura Matsuri - ぼくてい さくら祭
Hanami and Sakura matsuri on the banks of the Sumida river
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Cocacola Orange - コカコーラオレンジ
Try a Cocacola that does not exist in France: the Orange coke!
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Capsule hotel in Tokyo - カプセルホテル
Experience of a night in a capsule hotel in Tokyo
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