Hot water bath Onsen for feet in an unbelivable place ! (Train station)

By Phuong on 2016-04-11 17:02:54
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After an exhausting day walking for Onbashira, my feet were aching. Stay up all day waiting every tree trunk passage, be squeeze among people and trampling each movement of the crowd, once ends your whole body is a litle bit exhausted :s

Well good news, the Japanese have thought of everything! They installed in some train stations spa foot baths (like the one where our hotel was Kami- Suwa). Japan is known for its natural hot water. It is a set of volcanic islands, so they use water from volcanic sources and build baths Onsen around these water sources all over the country. Here a derivative Onsen, a feet bath at the train station. Very handy when you've spent an exhausting day :)

These foot baths installed in train stations are free and open to public. Sometimes it has a cloakroom and storage space to put shoes.

If you see one in your journey to Japan, take the time and make a break to enjoy this moment of relaxation! Your feet will thank you!!! ;p



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