Pet shop in Japan, what if we did not need cages?

By Pierrick on 2016-03-27 23:28:44
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We found a pet shop just next door to us by taking a slightly different way to usual. We say hold, and if we go there for a walk?

So here we go in the pet shop thinking about lots of animals in cages (classic). We see 3 or 4 dogs waling freely in the store entrance. They seem to know where is the limit because sellers let them approach the entrance. Indeed, they do not go out when the doors are open ...

Dogs, why not, they are probably well trained, fed and everything. But upstairs you come across a pig or sow, I have not checked ^^. It also walk in the alleys of the store.

A little further, we can see parrots in freedom also. Finally, we see a big lizard lying on his branch except there is no glass or any another boundary with us, it is lying there in the middle and could go for a ride if it pleased him: P. It is not necessarily visible on the video, but the other side, it can just walk in the shop ;)

Fortunately the snakes are not in freedom, it might surprise ...



C'est clair que c'est assez atypique pour nous :P
Le cochon se balade tranquille et limite il te pousse pour passer, même si au final il ne fait que tourner en rond dans les 20 m2 du 2ème étage de l'animalerie ^^
Super ! Les animaux en liberté dans une animalerie ! :) Petits loulous =) Et rassurez moi ... personne n'a mangé personne hein ? ^^ En tout cas mélanger les animaux "de la ferme" avec les animaux "domestiques" et nac c'est assez particulier mais intéressant ^^ il a l'air de s'y plaire le porcelet là ^^

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