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Cup Noodle Matcha Nissin (instant ramen)
Come to discover the green instant noodles with matcha taste from Nissin !
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Ryozen Kannon temple Kyoto 霊山観音
Memorial honoring the unknown soldier and soldiers who died during the World War II under a large statue of the goddess Kannon.
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Karting on Tokyo's Streets with MariCar - Shibuya, Roppongi, Tokyo Tower and Odaiba
Unforgettable experience: from the video game to the reality, Kart experience disguised as a character of Mario in the most famous places of Tokyo!
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Kit Kat Azuki Sandwich あずきサンド 味 Azuki Sand Aji
Come and discover a special edition of the Nagoya region: the Kit Kat with Azuki sandwich taste!
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Potato Chips Zeitaku Matcha Calbee カルビーの贅沢抹茶ポテト
Come and discover the chips with the taste of luxury Japanese green tea: the Zeitaku Matcha!
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Sapporo Snow Festival Tsudome 札幌雪祭り
Tsudome, the most family site of the Sapporo Snow Festival !
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Sword Art Online SAO Café Skytree Tokyo ソードアート・オンライン
For the release of the movie Sword Art Online SAO, you can find a movie-themed cafe at the Tokyo Skytree.
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