Kit Kat Azuki Sandwich あずきサンド 味 Azuki Sand Aji

By Phuong on 2017-05-17 03:33:38
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This very original Kat Kit is a special edition of Tokai-Hokuriku. In fact, the Tokai-Hokuriko is a national highway in the Chūbu area on the main island of Honshu. The most famous cities of this region are Nagoya, Nagano and the Mount Fuji. This very special Kat Kit was inspired by the red bean paste toast (Azuki) topped in cafes around Nagoya. This Kit Kat is made with a creamy red bean paste (Azuki) between the crispy waffles covered with milk chocolate.

And to taste it, you can really taste the Azuki very well in this Kit Kat. So much that it dominates all other flavors. You almost do not even taste the milk chocolate. Personally, the Japanese red bean paste is too sweet for my taste. Here, it is even more sweet. It's almost sickening. On the other hand, for all fans of Azuki, sweets and Kit Kat, you will be in paradise. This Kit Kat combines everything that is more Japanizing as possible ;p

So it's true that we talk a lot about Kit Kat. But it is the particularity of Japan, it doubles its creativity in terms of diversity and taste of Kit Kat. For an original and authentic gift, there is no doubt, it is the best. Afterwards, it is sure that it is not to the taste of everybody...

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