Harry Cafe - Hedgehog Cafe at Roppongi, Tokyo

By Phuong on 2018-06-01 18:38:38
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If you want to have a different experience from the cats' cafe, come to a hedgehog cafe like the Harry Café (in Japanese ハリネズミカフェHarinezumi Cafe) in Roppongi area in Tokyo. It was created in February 2016 and this type of animal coffee (different from cats) is more and more popular with Japanese people. This coffee is quite small but there are many hedgehogs. Some tables are set around the aquarium where the hedgehogs live. The atmosphere in Hary Cafe is cozy and zen. You can find this cafe in a small street not far from Roppongi station. Do not hesitate to book your visit so you do not have to queue too long outside.

The session costs around 2,000 yen per person on weekdays for half an hour and 2,600 yen on weekends. There are about twenty hedgehogs available with some lizards. In addition, the Harry Cafe offers some hot drinks in self service but you can bring your own food (drinks or snacks) if you want. On the spot, you choose the hedgehog with which you want to spend some time. The team explains how to take it, maggots are available for 100 yen if you want to feed the hedgehogs. Some of them are very docile and super cute like when they curl up like a baby in his basket. Others are much more agile and responsive, so are quite difficult to hold in place (it is better to let them stretch their legs a little bit in the box in which they are brought in). As soon as they smell maggots nearby, they begin to agitate very quickly, the predator's instinct... LOL ;p

No matter the character of the hedgehog you choose, in the end it is a very relaxing animal and rather malleable. They look fragile but in reality, they are very robust animals. You just have to be a little careful handling them because a hedgehog has thorns and therefore you may hurt yourself more than the hedgehog. It was a very pleasant experience, the atmosphere of the cafe is charming and calm. In addition if your experience has been conclusive, you even have the opportunity to buy a hedgehog out of the cafe! :-O

Usefull information

  To get there with common transportation

From Shinjuku - Total fare : 220 yens
9 min. - Toei Subway Oedo Line for TOCHOMAE


Entrance fee : 2,000 yen per person for 30 minutes on weekdays and 2,600 yen on weekend

  Map to get there

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Harry Cafe Roppongi
Harry Cafe Roppongi
Harry Cafe Roppongi
Harry Cafe Roppongi
Harry Cafe Roppongi
Harry Cafe Roppongi
Harry Cafe Roppongi
Harry Cafe Roppongi



Est-ce ce que je peux diffuser un extrait de vos images sur une chaîne de télévision française dans le cadre d’une chronique sur les cafés à chats?
Votre vidéo est toute mignonne et on voit des gens prenant les hérissons avec douceur dans leurs mains mais je trouve tellement triste ces animaux isolés de leur terrain naturel et placés dans des terrariums sans espace pour se déplacer comme ils veulent...
Les hérissons se mettent en boule pour se protéger, ce n'est pas par choix de se laisser attraper... Et être manipulé toute la journée (il y a des rotations par la force des choses, mais quand même...), ça non plus ils ne choisissent pas. Les êtres humains ne souhaitent pas être touchés tout le temps, c'est pareil pour les animaux.
On voit qu'ils ne subissent pas de maltraitance du point de vue humain, c'est vraiment mignon et apporte quelque chose aux visiteurs et en même temps, l'animal est utilisé pour gagner de l'argent et transformé en objet vivant... Une animalerie en fait...
Tout ces bars à animaux (le plus aberrant étant celui de chouettes...) devraient être interdits, même ceux des chats, au même titre que les animalerie...

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