Ms. Bunny Café, a bunny Cafe in Roppongi, Tokyo

By Phuong on 2018-09-17 18:28:24
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Let's go together to discover the Ms Bunny Usagi Cafe, the rabbit Cafe located in Roppongi, one of the districts in the south of Tokyo. It is a Cafe with a very small surface (about 20 square meters at the most) where there are a dozen rabbits and chinchillas (and some hedgehogs). This cafe is open from noon to 9 p.m. and it takes 1400 yen for half an hour to pet and 540 yens for rabbits snacks..

The Ms Bunny Usagi Cafe can accept around 8 to 10 people in their store. You can spend some time with different kinds of rabbits, chinchillas or hedgehogs. In addition, it is possible to buy an animal on site or rabbit food if you have one at home. The animals are normally caged (a bit like a pet rabbit), they can walk in the cafe and are not solicited all the time. Indeed, there is a sign on each cage to warn customers if the animal is available or if it is on its rest time. Unlike most cafe with animals, here you can not drink or eat because your attention will be totally taken by the animal. Yes, some rabbits or chinchillas are very energetic and tend to escape, but in any case, during the time you stay at Ms. Bunny Usagi Cafe, you will have time to relax and enjoy the fluffiness of the rabbits that are available here.

It is a time of rest in the most hectic city of the world that you will be able to appreciate at Ms Bunny Usagi Cafe with rabbits, chinchillas and hedgehogs. A time to sit down, chat, relax while enjoying the delicate fur of these animals:)

Usefull information

  To get there with common transportation

From Shinjuku - Total fare : 220 yens
9 min. - Toei Subway Oedo Line for TOCHOMAE


Price for 30 minutes : 1,400 yen

  Map to get there

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Ms Bunny Rabbit Café
Ms Bunny Rabbit Café
Ms Bunny Rabbit Café



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