Cookies Cream Stew taste Country Maam Gourmet カントリーマアムグルメクリームシチュー

By Phuong on 2017-08-04 09:30:04
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New culinary adventure here but totally unusual! At the kombini 7-11 in Shinjuku, we bought a small packet of cookies which the taste will remain in our memory for life, I think: p This packet of cookies is from the Fuji brand and more specifically the Country Maam Gourmet. This cake brand offers an impressive variety of cookies that are very good. We can quote the double chocolate ones, the chocolate matcha or the marron ones (which Pierrick is a big fan). And as great culinary adventurers when we saw that this brand made sweet and savory cookies, We told ourselves why not?

It was a pretty epic test. In the sense that they are cookies with cream stew taste... The most amazing thing is that on the bag, we can see very clearly that there are pieces of vegetables inside the cookies. These cakes were surprisingly disgusting for me. Pierrick, with no great surprise, did not like it at all. He is not a huge fan of anything with cream. But I am someone who normally is easy to feed. I am not the picky type. However, the fact that the cookie has the taste of chicken broth, it put me off a bit. The worst is to come ... I expected there to be pieces of vegetables and that is quite normal for me. But I did not expect at all that they put small balls of cream, a bit like to imitate the chocolate chips. And it was badly awful....

Honestly, I did not expect these cookies to be transcendent. But to be that disgusting... I wonder how they do sell that ... It was still a funny experience. And who would have thought that in Japan, someone could thought of such association ;p

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Country Ma'am Gourmet Cream Stew
Country Ma'am Gourmet Cream Stew
Country Ma'am Gourmet Cream Stew



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