GOLDEN Soft Ice Cream ! Shinryoku no Sekitei 新绿石庭 in Nijo castle, Kyoto

By Phuong on 2016-08-05 23:16:44
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Incredible but true! At Nijo Castle (near the entrance) in Kyoto, the souvenir shop sells ice cream in the image of his castle : Gold leaf Ice cream !!!!! And it's not tiny little pieces , there is I think a whole square of gold leaf :-O And all for a fairly reasonable amount of 1,200 yen an ice cream cone to eat in of course.

So this ice cream called Shinryoku No Sekitei 新绿石庭 consists of a vanilla ice cream, puffed rice tea matcha with first-month harvest tea, rhododendron-shaped piece of wheat gluten, a white chocolate-matcha biscuit and of course a whole square of gold leaf. For me, when I tested this ice cream, gold did not really taste anything. It's a gold leaf so it must represent 1 grams of gold but pressed square-shaped with a very thin thickness. So we have no metallic taste. It's not bad, it's so beautiful and sparkling as decoration in desserts so it exceptional eating dessert almost like a jewel. The vanilla ice cream is pretty good and puffed rice with tea powder goes well with the vanilla ice cream. The rhododendron wheat gluten is really good, soft and fluffy at the same time, as the teddy bears from Haribo and white chocolate-matcha biscuit is not bad either, it is not too sweet and accompanies even better vanilla ice cream as langue de chat cookie. In the end, there is a good harmony at taste level and a quite exceptional dressage in this ice cream.

Come to Nijo Castle, taste this ice cream, it is a jewel dessert they offer for a very reasonable price ;)

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Entrance Fee : 600 yen

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Ice cream with sheet of gold
Ice cream served
Ice cream demonstration
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