9 / 10

Himouto! Umaru-chan

Number of episodes : 12
Duration : 24 min. / episode
Status : Finished
Diffusion : 09/07/2015 - 24/09/2015
Production : TOHO animation
Studio : Doga Kobo
Source : Manga


This is the story of a 16 years old girl, named Umaru Doma. In the eyes of all she is a perfect model. But in reality, what do we really know people? Do not judge a book by its cover...

Umaru is a pretty and intelligent high school student. She is admired by everyone because she is always ranked first in all fields in studies and sports. Everything looks perfect at the girl... from the outside anyway... But Umaru personality changes completely once the door of her home closes. The perfect Umaru throws her uniform in the entry, puts on her hamster shaped cape and reveals her true nature. Otaku, addicted to snacks and cola. she does absolutely nothing but play video games, read mangas and watch animes. In the small studio where she lives with her older brother Taihei who is taking care of everything, from cooking to cleaning.


It'sreally fun as anime. Umaru character traits are sometimes a little exaggerated but it is also that the human nature after all. We have a lot of expressions to describe it "Clothes do not make the man", "Appearances are deceiving", ... In the anime, we see how a little sister can be annoying (well it may be appropriate also for a little brother). But she is so cute "Chibi - Umaru" (Umaru's bad side), so we will forgive her a lot. Moreover, we envy her too, after all she has the best results in everything, knowing that when she returned home, she does absolutely nothing. She eats a lot of junk foods and she is still pretty and remains physically attractive. There are also many references to other anime, video games ... in this anime. I find it funny try to identify them all.

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