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Boku No Hero Academia

English name: My Hero Academia
Japanese name: 僕のヒーローアカデミア

Number of episodes: 13
Duration: 24 min. / episode
Status: Finished
Diffusion: 03/04/2016 - 26/06/2016
Production: Mainichi Broadcasting
Studio: Bones
Source: Manga


The world where Izuku Midoriya lives, is a world where every human is revealed from the age of 4 to have a special gift, super powers , innate talent, " Kosei " or "Quirk" as they call it. These "Quirk","Kosei" are from handling elements (like water, fire, cement, air, gravity, ...) to shape shifting (like bird, frog, fish, ...). These powers can be used to do good things, to be a hero or to do evil, to be a villain.

Since the age of 3, Izuku Midoriya, also nicknamed "Deku" has the dream of becoming a hero as great and amazing than his idol All Might. However, he became disillusioned because as only 20 % of the population , Izuku has no power, is Quirkless. Knowing this, Izuku does not abandon his dream and continues to do research on the powers of each of his hero, he carefully noted evrything in his notebooks. Using his notes, Izuku hopes to pass the entrance exams to the prestigious and highly selective school that has the best training program to become a hero , the UA High School. How will he be able to integrate the UA without Quirk, Kosei ?


This is an anime that we discovered at the Tokyo Anime Fair 2016. It's really sad to see Izuku is Quirkless and yet he continues to work hard to try to pursue his dream anyway. And even knowing that, he continues to defend the weaker against the others with Quirk and get beaten up instead of them. But there are always surprises that we do not expect. After all it is an anime , it is necessary that the Good wins !

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