The longest Ice Cream of Japan, in Osaka

By Phuong on 2018-03-12 09:13:22
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Osaka, in the small district of Akerikamura, you will find a very small shop (barely 2 square meters). This shop Long Soft Cream offers only one product. Nothing that really comes out of in terms of taste but it has the particularity of being the biggest Ice Cream in Japan. Amerikamura is a district of Osaka near Namba. After the war, the Americans had set up industrial warehouses in Osaka, which will be renovated in the 1970s to sell imported products. Today, they sell vintage clothes, jeans, records and other products especially from the United States. During the day, you can discover new fashion, artistic, music Japanese-American trends. At night, the small streets of this area are very lively and there are entertainments such as bars, clubs, ...

In the heart of the Amerikamura district, our little ice cream shop goes almost unnoticed. Indeed, it is right next to another shop known for these rainbow colors and surprisingly shaped Cotton Candy (Totti Candy Factory). As mentioned earlier, Japan's longest Ice Cream has no particular taste. it's just an ice cream cone, more or less similar to Mac Donald's taste of Ice cream. But it is 40 cm high, which is still huge. 40 cm of Ice Cream to eat in record time (because it melts at a breathtaking speed), it's not super simple. But it's fun ;p

In Osaka, you will be able to discover this rich cultural district of Amerikamura which proposes a multitude of particular products with an American influences. The Ice Cream that we tasted, is although 40 cm high, did not really taste. However, it was an experience to do and was funny.

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The longest soft ice cream in Japan
The longest soft ice cream in Japan



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