Fukubukuro Ghibli どんぐり

By Phuong on 2018-02-14 10:48:16
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One of the most popular stores of the Fukubukuro is the Ghibli studio store: Donguri ど ん ぐ り (The other famous store is obviously the Pokemon Center). People line up at 7am in front of the stores for a chance to buy a Lucky Bag with Ghibli's products. There are 37 Donguri stores in Japan, 4 of which are in Tokyo. There is a shop in Ikebukuro at Sunshine City Alpa (B1F) ; one at Marunouchi in Tokyo Station - Character Street (B1F ); one in Odaiba at the Venus Fort Family (1F) and the last at the Tokyo SkyTree : Town Solamachi (2F).

For fans of Totoro, Kiki or the castle in the sky, the Lucky bag is 3000 yen. Just for the bag that contains the products, I think it's really worth it! Indeed, this year, Donguri provided a large brown leatherette bag with Totoro on top with plenty of Ghibli accessories and products. Unfortunately for me, I arrived too late :( There was no more Fukubukuro. I was really disappointed and sad, but what's nice is that for the latecomers like me, Donguri made a Lottery with different things to win including a huge stuffed Totoro. It was the first prize so there was only one. I managed to have some small accessories for 500 yen only with Totoro, Ponio, ... It made up for my disappointment, it was better than nothing :) There are 9 products to win, the minimum price is 500 yen so we do have nothing to lose. Especially that you can, with luck, win a big plushy of about 50 cm or keychains, or sandwich boxes, ..... with Totoro

At the time of the Fukubukuro, every stores do everything to make people feels that nobody is neglected. We can find Lucky bags in many stores. And if you really want Lucky bags of the Pokemon Center, Donguri or Starbucks, you have to either get up early on the 1st of the year (or not at all if you've been up all night) or order them early online.



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