Fukubukuro Line Friends Lucky Bag 福袋

By Phuong on 2017-02-08 21:48:43
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If you do not know Line, you will discover it as soon as you arrive in Japan. This is the app most used by Japanese people. More than Hangout, Skype, Facebook Messenger, Line is the instant messaging app that you are forced to install on your phone in Japan. All communications between friends, family, colleagues go through Line. Then the Japan's popular variety store chain : Loft took advantage of it. These stores sell a wide range of fashionable household items and everyday necessities. In collaboration with the famous instant messaging app, they created a very appreciated Fukubukuro.

This Lucky Bag is a little more pricey than the previous ones I bought. It is worth 10800 yen. This is the same price range as the Fukubukuro of clothing brands or some cosmetics stores. You will not really get any surprise when buying it because there is a showcase that shows you the contents of the bag. But you will not be disappointed because the total of all the items in the bag is worth three times the price of the bag. At the same time, this is also the purpose of the Fukubukuro that we finish to end with the double, triple or quadruple of the amount of the bag itself, otherwise everyone would not jostle to buy LOL! You will find in this Lucky Bag: a mug with the friend Rabbit, a towel with the friend Bear in traditional Kimono, a calendar with the friend Baby Bird, a hand towel, a Line's tray, 2 plushies-keychain : Baby Bird and Bear, one Furoshiki (a traditional Japanese wrapping cloth used to pack clothes, gifts, bentō, etc.) and 2 large stuffed animal (the Bear guy and the Bear girl).Plus, the bag is a large fabric bag withthe Line's friends on top and it has a zipper ;p

In the end, I had plenty of small products both traditional and in connection with Line's friends. It's cute and quite funny. It is a Fukubukuro that I found a bit expensive but worth it :)

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