Chocoholic Animal shaped Christmas Macaron マカロン

By Phuong on 2016-12-25 21:18:44
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Another new item for Christmas ! The Chocoholic store offers an original dessert to offer or taste yourself : Christmas Macarons ! They are shaped like animals, there are 8 in all with 8 different flavors. And if you buy the set of 8 macarons (1300 yen), they are packed in a cute little box like a house.

Well, in the complete set, you will find a panda which flavor is chestnut, a strawberry flavored rabbit, an orange-chocolate flavored tiger, a banana flavored chick, a grape flavored owl, a chocolate flavored cat, a reindeer which flavor is caramel and a melon flavored frog. Pierrick tasted 4 macarons and I tasted the 4 others. Personally, the panda did not have a very pronounced taste, Itaste more sugar than anything else. Then the chocolate is pretty classic, you can not go too wrong with it. On the other hand, the tiger has a very pronounced taste of chemical orange juice, but it is not too bad. Finally, the frog has a little taste of the melon. It remains light enough in the mouth so it was nice. Pierrick, for his part, liked the macarons he tasted. The strawberry is a classic that he likes a lot. Concerning the banana, he thought the taste quite natural too, which is a good point. The taste of the grape was present and gave a quite original taste to the owl macaron. On the other hand, the caramel macaron was not really exceptional.

Overall, Chocoholic Christmas Macarons are pretty good. Its peculiarity is that it is shaped like animal, which makes it really cute. This Macaron set is ideal to offer. The packaging is made to outbid in the Kawai world.

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From Shinjuku - Total fare : 160 yens
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1300 yens

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