Tony Tony Chopper shaped Cake One Pieceトニートニー・チョッパー ケーキ

By Phuong on 2016-10-19 22:24:31
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We found this cute mini-cake in the kombini 7-eleven next to our house. The kombini chain often do this kind of event in their store. In fact, One Piece derived products are often subject to temporary promotion or occasional tombola gain. These products called One Piece Gold are highly prized by Japanese people.

In our case, it is the mini cake shaped as the character Tony Tony Chopper of One Piece that is sold (the release date varies by region and exclusively at 7-eleven). Visually, this cake is very well done. You can see the details given in the form of cake. We were quite surprised in terms of taste to have chocolate in the body of the cake Tony Tony Chopper. In general, the Japanese people put more likely Anko (red bean) in their bakery. But here we have chocolate and it was super good! The rest is a sort of mochi paste, very light and malleable, I do not know exactly what it can be. But it is not very sweet. This pastry is made by Bandai Candy and cost about 250 yen.

Xell! Another cake which the release is pretty rare and we have the chance to taste it. Besides being really cute, it was good (and Pierrick is a bit fan of One Piece too, so it made him really happy, even if he does not want to confess lol).

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