Kyo no Tanabata #2 Kamogawa River 京の七夕

By Phuong on 2016-09-17 23:43:42
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From Oike Street (near Metro Station Sanjo Keihan) to Bukkō-ji street, the right bank of the Kamogawa River is illuminated. The edges of the river are pedestrians, normally there are always lots of people on this path. Moreover, this is where we find restaurants on stilts. While summer, this is the meeting place for locals and tourists. And during the Kyo no Tanabata festival, this place is crowded.

Early in the way, under the bridge near the subway station Sanjo Keihan, some Furinto (Japanese wind chime lantern) are placed by 2 or 3 so that visitors can admire them. Wind chimes are made with Kyoto traditional techniques and are placed in bamboo lanterns. Bright LEDs are also added to the interior wind chime lanterns. It is indeed a light show that is a symbol of the place.

Going down along the shore, you'll see a lot of couples sitting at the edge of the water watching a projection of Art. This is a video about Kyo-no-tanabata plays with the effect of the image reflection on the surface of the water. Then is installed the famous alley of illuminated bamboo. This is where the Japanese write their wish on special Tanabata colored strips (100 yen per strip) and hang them on bamboo.

Finally, small installations playing on light and space will complete your walk. First, you will see the light installation on Misogi river. Small LEDs of all colors are placed in a way you see shooting stars. Then it was the turn of the Tanabata Stage Exhibition brighten your path. There will be displays the motif of the Tanabata Orihime legend that creating an imaginary like space.

Kyo no Tanabata on the Kamogawa River is a temporary summer event. It only opens 6 consecutive nights (from August, 6 to 12 / 2016) and only between 7 p.m. and 9 p.m. So if you want to participate, you have to check the dates with the Kyoto tourist information center which is located in Kyoto Station.

Usefull information

  To get there with common transportation

From Kyoto Station - Total fare : 440 yens
10 min. - Bus number 4 or 17 or 104 or 205


Entrance fee : Free

  Map to get there

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Kyo No Tanabata
Kyo No Tanabata
Kyo No Tanabata
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