Morocco Yogur Dagashi モロッコヨーグル

By Phuong on 2016-05-09 12:06:16
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The Japanese called this Dagashi Moroccan yogurt Morocco Yogur モ ロ ッ コ ヨ ー グ ル. This is a classic Japanese sweets, it's a fairly light sweet foam (much like meringue dough before putting it in the oven). It is contained in a tiny plastic pot that looks like a yoghurt pot and there is a mini spatula to eat it.

It comes in several colors. We took two, one blue and one pink, thinking it would be different tastes. It is possible that a perfume is added depending on the color of the pots, but I did not feel the difference. I personally did not like. The taste of the foam made ​​me think of buttercream and it's a cream that I do not like. But it was to be tested...

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Morocco Yogur
Morocco Yogur Pink
Morocco Yogur Inside
Morocco Yogur Inside



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