How to obtain the working holiday visa for Japan?

By Phuong on 2016-03-06 17:55:08
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Want to go to Japan for 1 year while having the opportunity to work to finance your trip? You need a working holiday visa! Nothing is easier to get it, just follow our guide :) .

Before going any further, know that there are some conditions :
  • Between 18 and 30 (Submit your application at least the eve of the 30th anniversary)
  • Not be accompanied by children
  • Not having ever used a working holiday visa

Where to apply for a working holiday visa ?

Applications are received and processed by the Embassy and Consulates of Japan. Be careful, there is nevertheless a quota for the Working Holiday Visa by Embassy / Consulate but the limit is still far from being reached (You can see on the Embassy website if the quotas are reached).

List of Consular departments and Consulates in France :
  • Area A : the Japanese Embassy in Paris (Consular department)
  • Area B : Strasbourg General Consulate
  • Area C : Consular Office of Lyon
  • Area D : Marseille General Consulate

Map from the Japanese consulate Site

What documents to prepare ?

The most important thing is to know that the working holiday visa is first the holiday and working is only a plus. Here is the list of documents to prepare and advice to facilitate the validation.

1. Application form


An example of pre-filled application form is available on the same site.

2. Detailed project of your stay

This is probably the most difficult document to be completed because it is not easy to know how far we have to go into details and what is useful to show. Help is available on the website of the consulate to complete your detailed program with various activities and expense items to your project, you can access it by clicking here.

It is not necessary to add too much details on your program but it must be consistent. If you go with friends, calculate your budget per person (unless the price can be reduced by being 2 or more). All amounts in your application must be in Yen.

The budget must included housing, food, transportations, sightseeing ... Make a quick calculation of the cost : food, transportation and sightseeing tours (per city or region you want to go). Be vigilant, transport can be an important budget by place of your dwelling (To eat cheap, there are a lot of tips). For smaller budgets, prefer guesthouse, couch surfing, shared room with a lower cost (look on the internet there are many sites offering this kind of service in major Japanese cities such as Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Kobe, Sapporo, ...)

If you need to work during your stay, the hours worked per week is not expected to be significant (Don't put more than 20 hours per week). You also have to bring with you a list of some websites for your job research (Be careful language course market is very saturated).


Print several copies of this unfilled form. This will allow you to redo your program at the consulate when you apply and follow the advisor's expectations.
We had to redo our program on-site and add details, so be sure to prepare yourself for doing it again if needed.

3. Your CV

No need to go into details on this document. Simply follow the instructions and it will go alone. If you do not have much work experience, highlight your possible activities in associations or courses that can help.

Now it is even possible to bring your own CV (the one you use for interviews).

4. Cover letter

In the letter, even if you're a fan of cosplay, anime and manga, do not focus all your letter on this subject. Japan has more than 10 000 years of History, a unique culture and traditions that are still worth remembering in your letter.

My advice would be to start your letter with your passion for manga and say that this universe made you interested in the country, culture and Japanese people itself (moreover if you have Japanese friends, you can add that your interest in Japan has helped you to get closer and mingle with Japanese).
That is why at the end of the letter, you can say that this future stay in Japan will allow you to experience the Japanese culture & traditions, develop your language skills and meet new people.

5. Financial proof

This last element should not be neglected : the financial proof ! The embassy asks all applicants of working holiday visa a minimum of 4500 euros in your current account if you have only a one-way ticket or a minimum of 3100 euros and a round-trip ticket with a minimum stay of 6 months (the return ticket can be editable). If you do not have this minimum, your application will be rejected (If it's necessary, you can ask the assistance of a parent ;p).


Bank statements must be less than 3 months. The easiest way to have the more recent, is to go to your bank the day before your request and ask your agency a bank statement with the current balance of your accounts and the stamp of the bank.

6. Certificate of good health issued by a doctor

Here there is nothing special, just go to the doctor and ask for a certificate of good health.

7. ID photo

Paste your photo ID on your visa application form.

8. Passport

You must go to your application with a valid passport and a copy to attach to your file.


That's all for today,see you in the next article for the beginning of our adventure !!!
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