Floresta Kawai Donuts in the shape of animals

By Phuong on 2017-09-25 10:38:20
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In Kyoto, we had the pleasure of discovering in the Teramachi merchants' arcades a bakery where the donuts is as delight in taste as much as for your eyes. This shop is called Honwaka and it sells super cute donuts in the form of animals from Floresta natural donuts. These are the どうぶつドーナツ as Doubutsu Donuts. Floresta is a boutique that you can find in almost all the big cities of Japan like Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Fukuoka ... The brand was created in 2012 by a couple of Japanese who wanted to do donuts with a little more healthy and with more natural ingredients. Indeed, the products used for the manufacture of the Floresta donuts are organic origin and without pesticide nor preservative.

There are 17 different donuts but not all will be available all the time. Some flavors are seasonal and therefore change according to the period. You will find the forms of penguin, seal, panda, koala, cat, tiger, pig, frog, chick, whale, bear and many others. All have a different fragrance like coffee latte (very very good), white chocolate, chocolate-pumpkin with honey base donut, chestnut, strawberry, chocolate-sesame, or even Matcha tea. They cost between 190 and 250 yen a piece but they are very good quality donuts with a donut dough made from Japanese wheat flour, Hokkaido soy and soy milk for easier digestion and more healthy for the body. Now you can eat healthy even while enjoying yourself with sweets :D

We loved these donuts. They were not too greasy and still quite light for very compact donuts at first glance. The Donuts are made on the same day in limited quantities to avoid waste. So if you have a preference for a flavor or an animal shaped, you have to go early ;p

Usefull information

  To get there with common transportation

From Kyoto station - Total fare : 230 yens
7 min. - Bus number 5 ou 101

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Floresta Nature Doughtnuts Kawaii
Floresta Nature Doughtnuts Kawaii
Floresta Nature Doughtnuts Kawaii
Floresta Nature Doughtnuts Kawaii
Floresta Nature Doughtnuts Kawaii



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