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By Phuong on 2017-09-09 18:02:56
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Mentaiko is a dish that Japanese appreciates a lot in their sauce or raw. In fact, the mentaiko is simply cod roe. The taste reminds me a little of fish eggs, like tarama. I loved this ingredient with spaghetti and butter, so in chips, I absolutely wanted to try.

These are chips from the brand Calbee, a well-known brand in Japan. The potatoes of these chips come from Japan. We feel the taste of iodine, like the sea actually because there are on the chips small pink dots that corresponds to the small eggs of fish, the mentaiko. The chips are crisppy and the taste of the butter is not too pronounced so it's very nice. Mentaiko is a dish that deteriorates very quickly under high temperature but on these chips, the taste is well reconstituted. These are chips that will go very well at the aperitif with some salmon toast and preparations with seafood.

You can find this kind of chips anywhere in Japan whether in a kombini or at a supermarket at a very reasonable price (less than 200 yen per bag). And in addition Calbee is a Japanese snack brand that offers so many different varieties that you will be spoiled for choice. It is definitely a product that we recommend.

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Chips Butter Mentaiko Calbee
Chips Butter Mentaiko Calbee
Chips Butter Mentaiko Calbee



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