Fukubukuro Dagashi 福袋だがし

By Phuong on 2017-01-29 20:21:08
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In the Tokyo Skytree shopping mall on the 4th floor, we found a Dagashi store : だがし夢や 東京スカイツリータウンソラマチ店. These are those old little shops that sell typical Japanese snacks and treats. That is why during our hunt for Fukubukuro, we decided to take one containing the snacks and sweets special Japan.

For 1000 yen, you have a pretty interesting deal. There are a dozen of snacks and sweets of all kinds. And since it's a Fukubukuro, you do not know exactly what's inside, it's a surprise. It is therefore the opportunity to taste dagashi that you will never have dared to try: p It is so fun ! We even had a mini toy and a Doraemon key holder. We were surprised to discover a box of snack with squid that we found quite good. The box is expensive, that's why we never bought it. It's cool to be able to taste it. We also had some Umaibo, small bags of candy ... In the end, the Fukubukuro is pretty full. You get what you pay for :)

I think it's a good idea for Fukubukuro. This is really the opportunity to get out of your comfort zone and taste different things (especially for Pierrick) ! LOL! He wants to try new thing but there is often a lot of aspect that slows him down (the shape, the cost, the color, ...). It was a very nice experience that I recommend to everyone.

Usefull information

  To get there with common transportation

From Shinjuku - Total fare : 350 yens
8 min. - Toei Subway Shinjuku Line for MOTO-YAWATA
19 min. - Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line for KUKI


1000 yens

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