Bake Cheese Tart Cheese Cake Made In Tart at Kyoto

By Phuong on 2016-07-31 16:11:37
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Bake is a concept from Shintaro Naganuma. Indeed, Shintaro Naganuma is the eldest son of the President of Kinotoya, a long established western confectionery shop. He has worked for the family business and it is this experience that has come to him the idea of ​​selling the cheesecake tart freshly bake. In all its stores, the shop and the kitchen with the ovens and trails to line baking trays are one and are in plain sight. So the customers can see the cheesecake out of the oven and place directly in the shop. There are a limited number of cheesecake bake every day, so you can only buy a limited number of cheesecake per person. This store sells only cheesecake and milk ice cream. This is a store that is quite expensive in the end. Bake has many stores in Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto and even Hong Kong.

Although this is just plein cheesecake freshly baked, there is always a huge line to buy the cheesecake in this store. It is true that their cheesecakes are at the same time crispy and fluffy. Their recipe was developed to be simple but with immediate effect. By cons, the taste is not exceptional. It is slightly sweet with a touch of acidity . Very Simple in the end. The peculiarity is that they are fresh daily and in the councils of the store how-to eat it is to wait until the cheesecake is just warm and eat it the same day. I think that's their selling point, a simple product but extremely limited quantities and freshness.

I think by the curiosity, Bake cheesecake are to be tested. But do not expect to be captivated by the taste. For those who have tasted cheesecake around the world, those from Bake remain simple but it is fresh product. By cons, I do not recommend their ice cream. It is expensive and there is nothing but milk and nothing else. Very disappointing!

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