Mohu Mohu Owls Bar in Shinjuku - フクロウカフェ もふもふ

By Phuong on 2016-05-01 13:28:58
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Around the world, we know that Tokyoites created cats bar because they have very little space at home and this type of place helps them to relax and touch and cuddle the cats. By cons, we found a bar much less known but very atypical , the owls bar (super cool)!

For information: the owl is a symbol of Tokyo neighborhood ; Ikebukuro. It is represented in all forms in this area. Moreover, the Koban (district Commissariat) of Ikebukuro Station represents an owl.

The owls bar is on the 5th floor (no elevator) of a street in Shijuku. The place is quite small, usually a reservation is needed because the capacity is only 4 people max. We went to the bar a rainy night, a little unexpectedly. We wanted to know how to book and if the reservation could be done on site. Fortunately for us, we have entered without a reservation (it was shortly before 6pm a weekday).

It is a concept that I think, is more original than the cats bar. For 1500 yens, you can spend 1 hour with 9 adorable owls (compared to cats bar, there are around 20 cats) and you have a free drink. There are different sizes and types of owls. They come from different places, some are Japanese, other English or German. You can pet them and with your permission, you can also have them on your arm and / or shoulder. Owls are relatively docile (sometimes they have no desire to stay on your shoulderand then, they fly away and returns to its bearing). Of course you can take as many pictures (without flash) and video as you want. You will always be accompanied by a tamers. It is them who will explain you how to do, where the owls come from... It is also them who bring owls to lay on you. They make owls pose for you to take pictures. They are very welcoming and speak some English.

We had a great time. It was a unique experience that I recommend to all :)

Usefull information


Entrance Fee : 1500 yens / person for 1 h

  Map to get there

Photo gallery

Owls 1
Owls 2
Owls 3
Young owl
Owls 4
Owls 5
Owls 6
Owls 7
Owls 8
Owls 9
Owls 10
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