Daimaru Tokyo, department store at Tokyo station

By Phuong on 2016-04-19 20:30:09
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As I've said in a previous article , from the exit Yaetsu of the Tokyo Station, you have access to Daimaru store (14 floors). Like any department store as Macy's or Harrods, you will find a floor for women's clothing, a floor for male clothing, for home products,..

Actually that's where we bought our Goma Tamago (egg with black sesame). In this store, you will also find two floors devoted entirely to food and sweet. On the 1st basement, there is the supermarket with fresh produce and various stalls offering bento, alcoholic beverages but also the Kit-Kat Cholatery. On the 1st floor that would be the ground floor for us), you will see an entire floor dedicated to Japanese and international pastries and sweet delicacies. Wonderful sweets sold in many stalls in order to whet your appetite : chocolate, strawberry, fruit jelly, .... Every sweetest taste and full of colors, the paradise of sweet delicacies!!!

Watch the video, just for the pleasure. It is art in its purest form. Just seeing it to get you tempted :p

Usefull information

  To get there with common transportation

From Shinjuku - Total fare : 200 yens
14 min. - JR Chuo Special Rapid Service for TOKYO


Entrance Fee : Free

  Map to get there



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